Tutorial:Planting Winter Veggies

I have a certified black thumb (you get one when you kill a Succulent), still I'm always excited by the idea of growing your own veggies. If you're planning on starting a little crop for winter I think this weekend is the time to get onto it! Check out this tute that uses recycled toilet rolls to start seedlings off before being transferred into your veggie patch. Good Luck.


Freebies: The Queen's Corgis knitting pattern

I'm hardly a monarchist but it's the Queens Diamond Jubilee this year and 60 years in the one job is a fair effort.

There's a book out by Lauren O'Farrell (fearless leader of the English knitting community Stitch London) that has a heap of patterns that recreate the characters of london, from Big Ben to rats! And to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee she's released the pattern for the Queens Corgis as a free download via Ravelry. Looks pretty cool.


Inspirations: Les Trois Inventeurs

A really beautiful animation created entirely out of paper in 1980 by French animator Michel Ocelot. The script is in French so I have no idea what it is about, my guess is that it's about paper doily jealousy.... 
So much reckless destruction of paper doilys.

I'm jealous of the following: Paper doily dress, Paper doiley bike, Paper doily piano that produces more paper doilys.


Music to Make to: Faces

Ooh La La

I was getting myself pumped for the new Wes Anderson film ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (I’m hoping it’s getting released in Oz the same time as the US) by watching Rushmore, one of his older movies and this song comes on at the very end of the movie, it’s a goodie I promise.


Inspirations: Giant Cross Stitch

Jaydee Decker, a crafter from the states makes GIANT cross stitch pictures.
I love the idea of enlarging the (actual) cross stitch, it takes sooooooo long to finish anything using the little ones. Ms Decker can customise a picture for you at a neat $160USD, forage through her wares at her Etsy shop jdmakesthings

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